by Mocklove

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released March 15, 2017

Produced by Jordan DiSorbo
Recorded at Glass Arrow Audio in Toledo, Ohio

Produced by Elisha Ruhman
Recorded at Bubba Spins Records and Flop House in Raytown, Missouri

Artwork by Mikey Giardina



all rights reserved


Mocklove Columbia, Missouri

We're sorry for the light from this whole fire

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Track Name: I Made You Myself - Leading You Here
Missing your glow
It came and went
so fast without a mention

It's getting old
And somehow we are
still learning a lesson

Please stay close
so I can catch your scent
And find a way to

Breathe you in
Sick off the same string,
Back and forth, we sway

Inside your body causing you to ache
Was I that feeling that you couldn't shake

As long as you understand
What could happen as a result

Of our careless submission to letting the cold enter in through our sleeves,

it's then when we find
A good reason to keep
each other warm
Within good reason
For now, at least

And in your doubt of my understanding
I left you the weight of my reason

Forever is a lesson
Disguised as disease
Sometimes death runs its course
But it's nothing to flee

If one heart alone
helped me stand on two feet
Then one heart alone
I'll continue to be

But we'll see...
Track Name: I Made You Myself - Scare You Away
Would it be you who assumes we could move with the weight of the truth

Honest, it seems
Do we dare try to meet
Do we risk to repeat

Concrete sets in on our feet and were sinking straight down to the floor

I think my minds been deprived and it's time to commit to the ways of before

So what do you say?
It's instinct at best

Let's relive the skin that we missed in the process

Well, here we are
We know what comes next
God knows it's been too long

I can't believe that the medicine, Somehow, still speaks

Carry on dancing the same songs and patterns, we'll live off this high as we please

I'll scare you away if it comes down to it
It's just hard to admit
That my eyes set afire
When you are near

I can't sit still knowing
damn well I want it all
For the moment at least
Track Name: My Head, Your Home
Was it in all the books you read
Or how the sunset made you feel
That made you think we could change our fate
Or hold onto something that's not real?
I've tried my luck on your holy ghosts
But they have no self control
They twist my fingers inside out
And make my head your home

You said you didn't feel like you belong here
So I took it with a stride
Assuming you were tired of spider veins connecting the eyes
Of everyone you love and hate
And all the people too afraid
I won't ever let myself fall or fold again
I won't tell another soul that they're worthless, imperfect
It's toxic and consumed my favorite part of me for what seemed like years
And it's time that I let myself go

I'll always remember the light in your eyes
Like the songs in my head in the middle of the night.
Track Name: Jennacide
I'm sick of all your prejudice and bigotry
I wont say it twice it's guys like you who always kill the scene
Misery wakes in a sort of way that no man ever made me feel
From your false sense of righteousness and entitlement surreal
Broken mirrors hide your face and
wash away your apathy
When blue blood lies and egos die
Your lines might humor me
It's just an epidemic clawing at my skin
Waiting for the day i decide to let it in

You said you'd always been afraid of me
This hell has eaten its way back into me
You've pushed us out of your bullshit sovereignty
I've had enough